When Andy Bell isn't making music with Ride or as a solo artists, he's going deep with synths and drum machines as his electronic alter-ego, GLOK. He released his debut album as GLOK in 2019 and is finishing up its follow-up now. Details are still scant but he's just released new single "That Time of Night back with a terrific new single, "That Time of Night." A chilled but ecstatic backing, with chugging bass and waves of keyboards, power a bit of spoken word about what sounds like a rave: "Being one person, a part of the whole crowd...the heat, and the light, and the flashing."

In addition to the original nine-minute version, which is kind of a comedown track, is a remix by Underworld's Darren Emerson that is decidedly more of a dancefloor filler. Listen to both below.

Andy Bell released his first album under his own name last year and has three related remix EPs due out this year. Meanwhile, one of Ride's album's made our list of Creation Records' 21 Best Records.

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