Andy Bell has released The View from Halfway Down, his debut solo album, last year and and one of the standout cuts is the jangly, poppy "Skywalker." That song has become the basis of a new EP that's out today.

If you're wondering if the title has anything to do with a certain beloved science fiction franchise, the answer is yes. “It is dedicated to my daughter, Leia, who was named after the Star Wars princess,” says Andy. “It’s about being a parent, watching your children grow up, reach adulthood, and live their lives, and feeling unbelievably proud of them. It’s for all my kids, but inspired by my eldest. Musically, I was channelling Michael Rother and Neu! and the Roland synth reminds me of World Of Twist.”

The Skywalker EP features a great remix by Pye Corner Audio which turns it almost into a Kraftwerk/minimal wave synthpop song, and Andy serves up an acoustic version too. There's also a new video for "Skywalker" which was directed by Jean De Oliveira who made Ride's "Charm Assault" video. Watch that and listen to the EP.


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