Ride's Andy Bell released the See My Friends EP today, which is the second in his Ever Decreasing Circles series he's releasing this year. The four-track 10" includes both songs from his limited edition debut single ("Plastic Bag" and "The Commune") along with blissed-out remixes by Pye Corner Audio. “Martin [Jenkins, aka Pye Corner Audio] is so good with slower tempo electronic stuff,” says Andy. “What he came up with is perfect for these songs, he enhanced the originals massively.”

Originally the b-side of his debut 7", "The Commune" takes the lead on the EP whose title comes from a lyric in the song. To celebrate the EP's release, Andy's shared a video for the Pye Corner Audio remix of "The Commune" and you can watch that and listen to the EP below.

The first in Andy's Ever Decreasing Circles EP series was The Indica Gallery 12" and in June he'll release the All on You 7" EP. All three EPs will then be collected on the Another View CD -- the circles are indeed decreasing.


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