Andy Bell has stayed on his toes in 2022. Ride finally got to tour the (belated) anniversary of their debut Nowhere in the UK, and the band reissued that album, Going Blank Again and their early EPs. He was just as busy solo, releasing the wonderful double album Flicker, a collaborative album with Pye Corner Audio, and three EPs related to Flicker.

Those three EPs -- featuring remixes, acoustic versions and covers of songs that influenced the album -- have now been collected onto one album, Strange Loops & Outer Psych, that will be out February 10 via Sonic Cathedral. "Here is a technicolour companion piece that pulls together the tracks from the EPs to colour in the edges of the record," says Andy. "Influences, stripped down acoustic reworks and remixes by my friends, comrades and heroes all hopefully help the listener see where my head was when I made Flicker, but also it stands up as a decent listen in its own right." Andy adds for context, "Hatful Of Hollow is my favourite Smiths album, just saying." Listen to the Richard Norris remix of "Something Like Love" below.

We've been asking artists to tell us about their favorite music of 2022, and Andy was nice enough to submit his list of Top 20 Tracks of 2022; he threw in his favorite album of the year as well. His list includes Fontaines DC, The Smile, Daniel Avery, Warmduscher, his Ride bandmate Steve Queralt and more. Check out his list with commentary, and listen to a playlist with all 20 songs, below.

Ride will be heading to North America in January with The Charlatans, where they will each play classic albums in full (Ride's Nowhere, The Charlatans' Between 10th and 11th). There are two NYC shows: Webster Hall on January 30 and Brooklyn Steel on January 31. All dates are listed in the tour poster below.

Andy Bell's Top 20 tracks + Top Album of 2022

Fontaines DC - "Jackie Down The Line" (Skinty Fia LP)
I haven’t seen a live band so exciting since the early days of Oasis, Absolutely rocked the afternoon slot at Glastonbury. Love his voice and their general attitude.

Goat - "Under No Nation" (single)
Another astonishing live band. Ride supported them recently in Berlin. It’s the dual vocal for me, Strident pagan live double tracking. Black Sabbath meets ESG.

The Smile - "Smoke (Dennis Bovell RMX)" (Single)
The year's best riff, lodged in my head forever now like Fools Gold, and remixed lovingly by Dennis Bovell.

Pastel - "Isiah" (Single)
The wistful but grounded kind of songwriting and guitar playing that always plays on my heart strings, on this great single from one of the great bands on the Spirit of Spike Island label.

Daniel Avery, Kelly Lee Owens, HAAi - "Chaos Energy" (Ultra Truth LP)
Cocteau Twins at the rave ! Beautiful track from Mr Avery and friends.

The Lounge Society - "Blood Money" (Tired of Liberty LP)
From Speedy Wunderground - my label of the year (apart from labels I’m signed to obvs) - here’s their greatest hope, another storming live band with tons of great songs.

Mountain of One - "Star" (Arveene Remix)
My brother Arveene conjures up hazy Summer all nighter memories on this very 90s remix for the legends Mountain of One, who came back this year with a new album after a long break.

Burna Boy - Last last (Love, Damani LP)
Beautiful track

HAAi ft Alexis Taylor - "Biggest Mood Ever" (Baby We’re Ascending LP)
Her latest album is typically eclectic and euphoric, love this tune which features Alexis from Hot Chip.

Jessie Buckley and Bernard Butler - "Footnotes on the Map" (For all our days that tear the heart LP)
These two incredibly talented humans came together briefly and made this astonishing record, pure magic.

Jo Bartlett - "Greener" (The Cut Up LP)
Jo made a super cool album this year called The Cut Up, this is my favourite track from it.

Maps - "Witchy Feel" (Counter Melodies)
James keeps going from strength to strength and his latest single is a real highlight of 2022.

Steve Queralt & Michael Smith - "In a Wonderland" (Sun Moon Town EP)
One of the best tracks of the year, I love music with spoken word and the pairing of Steve and Michael works so well on the EP they made.

Conclave - "All that I Need (Photay remix)"
A mainstay of my DJ sets this year, I heard it on 6 Music but don’t know any more about it

Big Joanie - "Sainted" (Back Home LP)
The very loveable Big Joanie made a brilliant album and played a ton of shows this year, here’s one of my favourites from the record.

Whitelands - "Born In Understanding"
New signings to Sonic Cathedral, their recent gig at the Social marks them out as a band to watch in 2023.

Warmduscher - "Wild Flowers" (The Hot Spot LP)
Just love the lyrics to this - so brilliant - another top live band, they remind me of a new version of Happy Mondays at their peak.

KH - "Looking At Your Pager" (Single)
One of my favourite moments of 2022 was experiencing the reaction to this at Glastonbury from up in the hills

Working Mens Club - "Ploys" (Erol Alkan rework) (Single)
The rework king applies his talents to one of the best new bands out there.

Anastasia Zems - "Underwear" (Confession Time EP)
This mysterious EP appeared seemingly out of nowhere and all the tracks have landed straight into my DJ playlists. I’m not sure how I heard it but I love it.

Album of the year: Panda Bear and Sonic Boom - Reset
Absolute genius, so pure, and perfectly executed by two masters.


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