As singer/guitarists, Andy Bell and Mark Gardener get most of the attention in Ride, but the shoegaze greats would be nowhere (pun intended) without the band's great rhythm section, made up of drummer Loz Colbert and bassist Steve Queralt. During quarantine, Loz and Steve began reworking a few Ride classics as a way to combat boredom, taking half the name and calling themselves ID.

Their versions, originally uploaded to YouTube, include "Chrome Waves," "OX4" and "Pulsar," done as dreamy, dubby (mostly) instrumentals. Those, plus "Dub Jet," have now been turned into an ID EP titled The Beast Within, and you can listen to that, and watch a Christmasy video for "Pulsar," below.

Meanwhile, Ride's Andy Bell released his terrific solo album The View from the Way Down this year and told us about the influences behind it.


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