Yesterday, Alabama's Republican governor signed a near-total abortion ban into law in the state, and this very scary news has prompted nationwide backlash and caused pro-choice advocate groups like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU to promise swift legal action. Many musicians, comedians, and other artists have also weighed in in protest of the ban.

Rihanna tweeted a picture of the men who voted for this ban, and wrote: "take a look. these are the idiots making decisions for WOMEN in America.
Governor Kay Ivey...SHAME ON YOU!!!!"

Lady Gaga wrote, "It is an outrage to ban abortion in Alabama period, and all the more heinous that it excludes those [who] have been raped or are experiencing incest non-consensual or not. So there's a higher penalty for doctors who perform these operations than for most rapists? This is a travesty and I pray for all these women and young girls who will suffer at the hands of this system.

Kacey Musgraves asked, "Sooo what’s gonna happen when one of those Alabama senators knocks up one of his mistresses?"

Paramore's Hayley Williams tweeted, "if you’re a man and you think that The Handmaid’s Tale is a well-crafted show but maybe not the best way for a modern society to operate then it’s a really good time to start speaking out against the current war on women’s bodies/minds. we need your allyship."

Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted, "You’re right to be horrified. Your life and your body are your own. Now we find ways to help those most impacted. Let’s go."

Michelle Wolf urges you to "Do what the Alabama government refuses to do: help women by donating to the Donating is as easy as flicking an embryo out of a uterus should be."

John Legend said, "These statehouses are waging all-out war on women and their right to control their reproductive decisions. This is awful."

See their full posts, as well as posts from Lizzo, Janelle Monae, Sarah Silverman and Patton Oswalt, below.

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