Cleveland hardcore heavyweights Ringworm have announced a new album called Snake Church and shared a song of the same name. The album is set to drop July 29 via Relapse, their first since 2014's excellent Hammer of the Witch. If the first song is any indication, it should be a ripper, and you can pre order it now.

Ringworm trade in the kind of rip-your-throat-out metalcore that immediately starts a circle pit wherever it happens to be heard. "Snake Church" starts with a riff that sounds like what a church of snakes would play for worship, and things only get heavier from there. Vocalist Human Furnace has perhaps the most apt stage name in music, and, well, this just totally rips. Like all Ringworm, it scratches a violent, aggressive itch that is rarely scratched this skillfully and thoroughly. Stream it below.

Ringworm are part of that stacked Discharge tour that has been postponed, and hopefully NYC people will still get a chance to see those bands together. As of now they've just got This is Hardcore fest coming up. In the meantime, the new song is streaming below.

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