Ringworm have been delivering a crushing mix of metal and hardcore punk for over 25 years, their 1993 debut was massively influential in the development of metalcore, and somehow they manage to make everything new they do feel fresh. Their only real competition comes from bands like Converge and Integrity, and if you dug those bands' recent albums, you'll definitely want to hear Ringworm's first in three years too. As ever, the new album sees Ringworm fully blurring the lines between punk and metal and sounding ferocious while doing so. They've got everything from Slayer riffs to D-beat punk fury to shredding classic metal solos, and lead screamer Human Furnace lives up to his name with every venomous bark. The album starts on a slow, almost doom-like riff, but that only lasts about a minute and a half, before rapid-fire drums come in and the remaining 36 minutes of the album stick to relentless pummeling.

The above is an excerpt of my review of Ringworm's killer new album Death Becomes My Voice (out now on Relapse) for Notable Releases. Around the time of the release, Ringworm played a few release shows in the Midwest, and now they've added a Brooklyn show happening June 7 at The Safari Room at El Cortez. Tickets are on sale now. It's the only upcoming Ringworm date we're currently aware of, but we'll update if more are announced.

Stream the new album below...

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