UPDATE: Day One photos are HERE.

Riot Fest
Riot Fest Chicago 2016 (photo via @duckxlord)

With Riot Fest Denver two weeks behind us, Riot Fest Chicago begins today (9/16) and continues through Sunday (9/18). Much like it was in Denver, the big event of the weekend is the reunion of The Original Misfits, which has Danzig, Jerry and Doyle back together, and ex-Slayer skinsmaster Dave Lombardo joining them on drums.

If you're attending the fest, check out the schedule. There are a few really tough conflicts this year, the toughest probably being Descendents vs Brand New. (Which would you choose?) The bright side, though, is that Morrissey is in fact playing, and he's on the Riot Stage right after Brand New plays that same stage. Bring tissues.

Other tough conflicts include the great reunited Thursday against the best pop punk band of the 2010s, The Wonder Years. There's also Rob Zombie vs Sleater-Kinney vs Death Grips, and Ween vs Refused, and The Flaming Lips vs NOFX. If you dig stuff that's cheesy but still kinda awesome, you have to decide between Juliette Lewis and Dee Snider and Andrew WK.

If you don't choose Thursday or The Wonder Years, maybe you'll chose Chevy Metal. If you don't know who that is by name, you may be interested in learning it's a rock cover band fronted by Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, who often has other famous guests on stage with him. Those have included Dave Grohl, Dee Snider, Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols, members of Motley Crue, Perry Farrell, Gilby Clarke, members of Buckcherry, and more. Here's the band, with Grohl, covering Van Halen earlier this year:

There's also some weird stuff on the lineup. Like, wtf is Jake Bugg doing on this festival that's mostly for punk bands? Guess we'd rather see him than like, Pierce the Veil or Neck Deep or All Time Low though...

Also while you're there, maybe you want to stop by the merch table and pick up some of the official Riot Fest Garbage Pail Kids trading cars, made by Topps. These include cards for NOFX, Descendents, Andrew WK, Taking Back Sunday, GWAR, and more.

Stay tuned to BrooklynVegan for pictures and reviews of the festival. UPDATE: Day One photos are HERE:

And here are a few IGs from early Friday attendees...

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