Brooklyn Bazaar said farewell to it's Greenpoint Ave location on Saturday night with a goodbye punk blowout featuring Hank Wood & The Hammerheads, Warthog and more. "We have always been a locally run small business renting our space from a landlord," Brooklyn Bazaar wrote on Facebook the day of the show. "Please respect the venue and don’t damage it. We need to get our security deposit back." While both Hank Wood and Warthog's sets were wild, with nonstop moshing, stage diving and crowd-surfing, it was good clean fun -- though someone set off a fire extinguisher on-stage from the side at the very end of Hank Wood's set.

You can watch full video of both their sets, as well as the final show's other bands (Subversive Rite and Dollhouse), via Max Volume Silence, below.

We'll miss ya, Brooklyn Bazaar.


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