Sin-e's Shane Doyle (CRED - NY TIMES)

Jeff Buckley live at Sin-eSin-e is now closed.

"I look at this block, and I know it's over," Mr. Doyle, 55, said in an interview in his club on Attorney Street near Stanton. Once an industrial stretch of liquor warehouses and auto-repair shops, that block is now within spitting distance of several million-dollar apartment complexes. When those buildings' residents started calling to complain of noise and crowds, he knew. "Then the obvious thing is, O.K., let me go somewhere else," he said. "But I can't find somewhere else. And even if I could the lifespan would be too short."

Instead, though he says he hasn't had a drink in decades, he is joining with partners to open a wine store in Queens, a borough he has visited mostly for its airports. [NY Times]

Thanks to Shane and everyone at Sin-e for everything. Working with them, even for a little, was a great experience. Please post your own memories of Sin-e in the comments.