A staple of NYHC shows in the 90s and beyond, fan Virginia Kress passed away at age 45 on February 1st. Details are unknown but word has spread on social media where friends, family members and bands like Madball, Life of Agony, Murphy's Law and No Redeeming Social Value are paying tribute.

Life of Agony fans may not recognize her name, but they will recognize her voice as the girlfriend at 11:15 on River Runs Red. The band writes:

Rest in Peace, Virginia Kress - the kind-hearted soul behind the voice of the girlfriend on River Runs Red. If you remember the snippets in between the songs, she is forever immortalized as the girlfriend breaking up on the answering machine in "Monday". Skip to 11:14 to hear her voice: https://youtu.be/bKB8XKSMq30 Virginia was at every show in the early 90s. She will be missed.

You might recognize her from the 90s NYHC documentary. Michael Stahl points out in a 2016 article:

One of the standout subjects in Pavich’s “N.Y.H.C.” is Virginia Kress, prominently quoted in the film’s trailer as saying, “I don’t want to be, like, forty, and have missed out on anything.” Then 23 years old with blonde hair and three facial piercings, she shyly stumbles over her words at times in her interview. After displaying a tattoo etched into the inside of her bottom lip that says ‘SUFFER,’ she coyly smiles and says, “It’s a VOD song. It’s my favorite.”

Her niece Diana Kress posted the following:

I heard someone say that nothing gold can stay....But there's a love in all our souls and it shines like gold. I ?? you Aunt Sissy always and forever! I will never ever forget the amazing memories we shared and the love you had for your family and friends and especially your husband and son! You became the woman I hope to be one day and you made me realize age is nothing but a number and one day I will find that special someone just like you did and if I don't it's ok bC I have an amazing family that I wouldn't trade for the world! Rip Virginia Kress

James Drescher (Jimmy Gestapo) of Murphy's Law:

Just found out I lost another friend rest in peace Virginia Kress a true New York hardcore girl

No Redeeming Social Value:

Rest in Peace Virginia Kress.
Mother, wife, daughter, friend.
We'll always remember you - especially your smile. Your sense of humor, guts, and support were always special for us. You were a true friend to NRSV and we are proud to have known you, and extra proud that you ALWAYS got right up front and sang along with us. ??????

Rest in Peace, Virginia.

UPDATE: donate money to her son HERE.

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