San Jose death metallers Ripped To Shreds recently released their Relapse debut 劇變 (Jubian), and it's begun showing up on some year-end lists, like Decibel and Converge's J Bannon. We've now asked bandleader Andrew Lee what his favorite albums of 2022 were, and he made us a list that includes Artificial Brain, Autopsy, Chat Pile, Cloud Rat, Sumerlands, and more, with commentary on each pick. Read on for what he had to say...

Andrew Lee's (Ripped To Shreds) Favorite Albums of 2022

Artificial Brain - Artificial Brain
Skronky as heck! TBH I wasn't the hugest fan of the 2nd album, especially comparing how it stacked up against the incredible Labyrinth Constellation, but this one sees AB come back in full force. I like how raw the drums are on this one, especially how the snare is occasionally undamped and gets that crazy ping and ring.

Autopsy - Morbidity Triumphant
Evergreen kings of punky death metal. A full return to force, possibly their best reunion album so far.

Chat Pile - God's Country
WHY? Downtuned sludgey noise rock with the most '80s snare this side of Pretty Hate Machine.

Corpsessed - Succumb To Rot
Maybe the best straightforward death metal album of the year. Lots of twisted melodies and doomy shit and blasting.

Cloud Rat - Threshold
Rorik and his crew can do no wrong! The neocrustish melodicism perfectly blends with Madison's raw screaming. A very worthy followup to 2019's Pollinator.

Fake Meat - 腐肉
Full disclosure, I played a guitar solo on a song. Sleazy Derek (drums) from Taiwan's Myxoma and Brain Corrosion joins forces with cult grinder Harlan (Bodies Lay Broken, The Men's Toilet, Extremely Brutal, Patisserie, too many to name here) for hyperblasting 280 bpm gore.

Girth - Butchered at Girth
This slab of mince/gore is probably my number one album of the year. Perfectly pingy/ringy snare that slips in and out of stomping mince beats and blasting with ease.

Putrefaction Sets In - Repugnant Inception of Decomposing Paroxysm
Very solid meat and potatoes gore, from Urban of RGTE/General Surgery and members of Lymphatic Phlegm/Expurgo/GS.

Sumerlands - Dreamkiller
I loved the self titled debut with its gloomy downtempo atmosphere, but this sophomore effort featuring Brandon Radigan of Magic Circle on vocals presents a totally fresh take on '70s/'80s hard rock and metal. The relatively unprocessed vocal treatment also allows Brandon's performance to shine through, whereas the excessively delay/reverbed Phil could get distracting on the debut.

Triac - Pure Joy - Numb Grief-Stricken Animals
Jake has to be one of the hardest hitting drummers in American grindcore, and the rest of his gang don't disappoint.

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