It was a very emo episode of Jeopardy! last night, when the genre was represented with not one but two of the answers. The less surprising one is when Jimmy Eat World was the answer to 'this 'planet-devouring' band went straight for 'The Middle' in a 2001 tune," but the one that may take you by surprise was this clue from the "3 letters, 2 syllables" category: "Guy Picciotto & his band Rites of Spring pioneered this subgenre of alternative music." The correct question was of course "what is emo," and the same contestant got both of these right. But more importantly, Rites of Spring was on Jeopardy?!?!?!

Washed Up Emo posted screenshots and videos of both questions, which you can see below.

This also came just ahead of the 20th anniversary of Jimmy Eat World's Bleed American. You can read our retrospective review of the album and pick up a vinyl copy of the album in our store. We've got a few Rites of Spring (and Fugazi) records in stock too.


And not emo, but Rammstein too:

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