Philly indie-punks Riverby have announced their sophomore album, Absolution, which arrives March 25 via Take This to Heart (pre-order). After home-recording their 2020 debut LP Smart Mouth, the new one was made with producer Jim Wirt (Something Corporate, Incubus, Fiona Apple), and band leader August Greenberg said, "Jim wanted us to record guitars chord by chord. It was hell, but he said it would work out. We let him do whatever he asked, and it did work out," before also adding, "Making a perfect record is so dumb. When you see me live, it’s not perfect, so I wanted to capture that." It also features string arrangements by Camille Faulkner and co-engineering/mixing by Sean Dougherty.

The first single is "Baseless," a very powerful and very catchy indie-punk song about sexual assault and abuse that comes with the following content warning:

It's a genuinely great song and it comes with an equally great video filmed and edited by Andrew Silverman. Check it out below...

1. Baseless
2. The Moon
3. Birth By Sleep
4. Fall In Love
5. Heavy To Hold
6. Off With Yr Head
7. Burn Yr House Down
8. Say It
9. Chapel
10. Imagine The Ending

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