words & photos by Sachyn Mital

For RNDM's Ghost Riding, the band -- a project from Joseph Arthur, Richard Stuverud and Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam) -- added instruments beyond their normal setup (guitar, drums, bass respectively) to create an album with richer sonics. So when they decided to tour for the record, those additions created a conundrum. How would they manage to recreate the songs live? Well, they did add a masked fill-in (clad head to toe in neon orange, the band's theme) for one song while Ament switched to keys. But aside from this one song substitution, RNDM handled everything else on its own. Arthur used loopers and pedals to build his parts and Stuverud incorporated laptop samples too.

The tour hit NYC for a Gramercy Theatre show last night (3/7), which wasn't sold out but drew a pretty good crowd. RNDM ran through Ghost Riding in full then some favorites from their debut. Highlights included the funky "NYC Freeks", which got seated people to rise up and dance, and the vibrant "Stray", which had Ament and Stuverud lending their voices to the soaring track. When RNDM returned for an encore, we got Acts tracks like "Modern Times" with Ament's groovy bass line and "The Disappearing Ones" with its singalong chorus.

The show was opened by Whigs singer Parker Gispert. Check out more pictures, the setlist, and a video, below.


Parker Gispert


Stumbling Down
Ghost Riding
Got to Survive
Stronger Man
NYC Freeks
Kingdom in the Sky
Its Violence
Dream Your Life Away

Modern Times
The Disappearing Ones
What You Can't Control
Hollow Girl