Last month, visual artist Rob Dobi went viral for calling a conservative morning show and namedropping as many punk bands as he could before they caught on (they never caught on), and now he's done it again by calling into a regional medical center about COVID. This time he called as "Paul," and he began like this: "This is absolutely the biggest Earth Crisis of our Lifetime, it's just an American Nightmare, I mean, the whole thing's been the Bane of my existence as a small business owner. So, for me, I just wish people would Have Heart and mask up so we could stop living in Fear."

Other highlights:

"They won't even wear a mask for the 7Seconds they're in the store."

"The refusal to take care of themselves, it's like they've got these Suicidal Tendencies almost. There's also this misinformation and Propagandhi and confusion. Every time we turn a corner, there's more Casualties, more Terror. It's absolute Murphy's Law out there."

"Everyone just seems to have a Negative Approach, and this Social Distortion among everyone is killing us."

The best part, though, is that after that last sentence, the person at the medical center replies, "Well put."

Watch the whole thing for yourself below...

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