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Members of metal/punk supergroup Tau Cross have responded after their former label, Relapse Records, gave an official statement on why they were dropped. Label manager Rennie Jaffe explained that the liner notes of the band's upcoming album, Messengers of Deception, included a note thanking Holocaust-denier Gerard Menuhin from frontman Rob “The Baron” Miller of Amebix. The band's other four members say they were "blindsided" and "crushed" by the news, and that they were all unfamiliar with Menuhin. Read their statement below.

This is a statement from Michel, Andy, Jon and Tom regarding the recent events with Tau Cross and Relapse Records.

On Monday, July 1st, the four of us received a very concerning e-mail from Relapse stating that they will not be releasing our upcoming album and severing all ties to any previous work. To say that we were blindsided by this news is an understatement.

During initial production of the album, we were asked individually to provide our thanks list, which for us consisted of family and friends.

Now, the four of us were informed that Rob Miller has submitted a thank you to a notorious right-wing author who none of us are familiar with. We promptly researched this author's history and we are adamantly against anything relating to this kind of ugliness. We've been vigilant in our attempts to get answers as to why this has happened and, frankly, how it could possibly happen considering our background and beliefs.

We are all crushed. We've worked so hard on this album—to have something of this nature destroy it is absolutely devastating. For the many of you who know us, you're aware that we are sincere and honest with ourselves and with the world. Tau Cross was an outlet for us to experience the love and passion we all have, while staying true to our beliefs and ideals. It is truly beyond comprehension to see it take this very unexpected turn.

With that, we want to extent our love and appreciation to Relapse Records and all our friends and family who have supported us.
With love and light,
Michel, Andy, Jon and Tom

UPDATE 2: Miller says that Michel Langevin (also of Voivod) and Andy Lefton are no longer in Tau Cross, and that he will continue the band on his own.

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