The Cure will be busy, having already announced a EU/UK tour where they say they'll play songs from their long-in-the-works, 67-minute new album. Robert Smith has been vocal (on Twitter) about releasing the new album. but there's still been no official news.

Smith attended last night's NME Awards in London and the publication cornered him to get a little info about the new record. Or multiple records. “I’ve been working on two Cure albums, and one of them is finished,” Smith told NME. “Unfortunately, it’s the second one that’s finished. [On the other] I’ve got to do four vocals, and there are 10 songs on each album. We’re mixing next month on April 1, so I’ve got three weeks left.”

According to Smith, the title of the album we'll get first is Songs of the Lost World, and he says it's already got artwork and a running order, and "it's almost done." Smith also says it might be out in September, but it depends on when vinyl can be made. "I’d rather it just came out. I can’t stand the anticipation"

As he's said before, The first new Cure album is "the doomiest thing we've ever done" while the second one will be more upbeat. Robert's also working on a solo album. “I have to keep revisiting it. It’s a thing I’ve wanted to do for so many years. I realise I’ve only got one shot at doing it, so I’ve now started to add real instruments and acoustic instruments, whereas this time two years ago it was literally just feedback – but I’ve kind of grown a bit disenchanted with it. I’d listened to it like three times and I think it’s rubbish.”

Smith was at the NME Awards to perform with Chvrches on their collaborative single "How Not to Drown," which won Best Song by a UK Artist at the ceremony. They followed the performance of that song with a version of The Cure's classic single "Just Like Heaven." Watch fan-shot footage of both below.

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