DOWNLOAD: Robin Guthrie - Some Sort of Paradise (MP3 premiere)

Robin Guthrie

"When it comes to School of Seven Bells' sound, they're frequently, very frequently, compared to My Bloody Valentine and the Cocteau Twins - but there is more to them than 'just' being shoegazers - there's an emphasis on electronically-created sounds that underpins each track, and on songs like 'TranceFigure' the vocals take on a tribal feel. "I love My Bloody Valentine and you know, Robin Guthrie did a remix of one of our early demos, 'My Cabal', so I can understand where that idea would come from - [but] we didn't do that intentionally to be completely honest," says Alley. "It's cool because usually the people who say that are people who love shoegaze, so it's a good thing, you know. But we weren't really thinking about that when we made the record."
[School of Seven Bells said to Sweet Oblivion Blog]

School of Seven Bells, interviewed above, come to NYC for a free Seaport Music show on August 14th (and another date in October). But the real point of this post is the new track from ex-Cocteau Twin Robin Guthrie, above. "Some Sort of Paradise" is off Guthrie's forthcoming album, Carousel, due September 28th on Darla Records.

This spring, Guthrie released a four-track EP called Angel Falls. Before the year's out he's set to release another, titled Songs To Help My Children Sleep. Album art and tracklist below...

Robin Guthrie

Carousel tracklist
1 some sort of paradise
2 sparkle
3 delight
4 close my eyes and burn
5 search among the flowers
6 mission dolores
7 autochromes
8 the girl with the little wings
9 waiting by the carousel
10 little big fish