Portland's Robots of the Ancient World make psychedelic stoner doom with a hint of Seattle grunge (and they recorded their upcoming album Mystic Goddess with grunge veteran Jack Endino), and vocalist Caleb Weidenbach tops it off with a howl that sounds more than a little like Danzig. It's heavy, riffy, and catchy, and if your taste veers towards this corner of guitar-based music, you should definitely check this band out.

"Raw, powerful, no nonsense production is what we were seeking," guitarist Justin Laubscher said of working with Jack Endino and his longtime protégé Mikel Perkins. Unfortunately, Jack fell ill during the process and had to take a break from the record. "At the time, COVID-19 was not yet a thing in the US," Justin said. "Perkins is a legend, stepped in without missing a beat, and we all felt at ease. He entertained our more fringe ideas, the ones up until that point I was apprehensive to present to Jack." Eventually, Jack finished mixing the record remotely and he and Mikel Perkins ended up being credited as co-producers.

Mystic Goddess arrives May 21 via Small Stone (pre-order), and we're now premiering second single "Agua Caliente," which the band says is "a song about hitting rock bottom and doing it fast; a track for those who have spiraled out of control and the only one to blame is yourself." Listen to that and the previously released title track below...



Mystic Goddess
Agua Caliente
Out Of The Gallows
Unholy Trinity
MK Ultraviolence
Ordo Ab Khao

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