Robyn Hitchcock has rewritten his song "The President," from his 1986 album Element of Light and originally about Ronald Reagan, to be about Donald Trump. "There’s nothing I can say to illuminate this sad chapter of history," says Robyn. "It just seems that in many powerful nations we have the worst possible leaders. So I’ve updated this song first written in 1986, to accommodate the horror of POTUS 45." It's a very of the moment update: l"He's holding up the bible while the rubber bullets fly / He's holding up the bible but he cannot quote one line." He and his partner Emma Swift recorded it live from home and you can watch it on his Vimeo and listen to the original below.

You can can Robyn and Emma in twice weekly livestream performances on StageIt; they recently performed Element of Light in its entirety. This week is "Best of the '80s By Request" with the June 10 performance set for North American schedule (9 PM Eastern) while the June 12 performance is aimed at UK schedules (8 PM UK time / 3 PM Eastern).

More: Robyn Hitchcock tells us about the music, movies & books he’s digging in lockdown.

Meanwhile, Emma Swift just announced her new album, Blonde on the Tracks, which is a reimagining of Bob Dylan songs and is out August 14. You can check out "I Contain Multitudes" below.

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