As mentionied, Robyn inspired people to dance on their own on Friday when she did a virtual DJ set, Konichiwa TV: Club DOMO. "I want to play some music for you," she wrote, announcing the set; "let’s make a dance floor." If you didn't get to listen in, or you want to hear it again, she's now shared a playlist of the set, which you can stream below. It includes tracks from Prince, John Maus, Erasure, Olof Dreijer, Kindness, Curtis Mayfield, Avalon Emerson, Lone, Jamie xx's newest single, and more. "Come take a ride with me on tea trolley of funk," she writes. Here's more from Robyn:

Thanks for tuning in to Club DOMO on Friday! 💜😭
I decided to make a playlist with the songs I played in the set.

Below is a track list. Four of the songs aren’t in the playlist, but two of them will be soon! Olof Dreijer made a dope remix of "Monument" that will be out in just a few weeks and Avalon Emerson's beautiful new remix of "Honey" will too. I was excited to premier them both for you. I also played a Wendy Williams/Between the lines mash up that Kindness made on tour last year for their djsets ;) and "Purple Music" by Prince.

1. Do your Best - John Maus
2. I wish u heaven - Prince
3. Gradient - Choker
4. Break 4 love - Raze
5. Chez A. - Untitled
6. Basic cut - Kevin Over
7. Honey - Avalon Emerson
8. OAR003-B - Oni Ayhun
9. Always - Erasure
10. Babe we’re gonna love tonight- Lime
11. Purple Music - Prince
12. Monument - Olof Dreijer
13. Hyper seconds - Lone
14. Got her own thing from Sweden - Kindness
15. Move on up (extended version) - Curtis Mayfield
16. Idontknow - Jamie xx

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