Back in 2012, musician John Grabski released his first and only album as Teeth. The Strain, recorded with Steve Albini is a scorcher of a record, an unflinching look at the cancer that would soon take Grabski's life. If you've never heard the album, it's well worth a listen, and Albini often cites it as one of the most meaningful projects he's ever been involved with. You can stream it below.

Now, filmmaker Jacob Kindberg is trying to make a documentary about the project. Rock Vs. Cancer has an indiegogo page right now in an attempt to raise the necessary funds to make the movie. All proceeds from the finished film will go to fight cancer.

ROCK VS. CANCER is an in-depth look at John's final days as he made his way to Chicago to record with Steve, fulfilling his life-long dream. Through insurmountable odds, John left behind a hate letter to cancer and a love letter to life, assembled within the construct of a 30 minute rock & roll LP. Rock critic Everett True describes John's album "The Strain" as, in essence, "One of the finest of its genre in a decade." Cancer may have claimed John's body but it never claimed the character, dignity, or music behind the man. Join us as we relive John's last days and prove that when it's rock vs. cancer, rock wins!

You can donate to the project here. Stream The Strain and check out the pitch trailer for the potential film below.

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