Belgian artist Rodolphe Coster, a staple of the Brussels scene who spent a good chunk of the '90s and '00s in Flexa Lyndo, will release his first album under his own name, titled High With The People, that will be out November 25 via Capitane Records. The album was recorded in Brooklyn with Castle Face Records' Matt Jones as producer, and it also features Jeff Tobias (Sunwatchers), Sarah Register (Talk Normal), Atsuko Hatano, and Maya Postepski (Princess Century, TRST).

The opening song on the album, "Seagulls Fly On Highways," is a nice introduction for the uninitiated -- soaring and anthemic, with little dashes of psych and goth, and beautiful string arrangements. "I wrote it from scratch tripping on a bassline that I managed to loop," says Rodolphe. "I kept dancing to it, like I would do on a melodic bassline of a Cocteau Twins song; I couldn’t stop. I then added keys and strings in order to envelop this skeleton. I thought of the rhythm as a martial post punk beat intentionally referring to the beloved Stephen Morris, Joy Division drummer. Till the break - the ironic re-birth of the seagulls that ... cannot fly. Then we enter a second part, a crescendo, with the music trying to touch both sides of the sky and winding up floating endlessly amidst waves of strings and chants."

We've got the premiere of the gorgeously shot, haunting "Seagulls Fly On Highways" video (directed by Flávio Gusmao and Thomas Beswick) and you can watch that below.

rodolphe coster and band high with the people

High With The People:
01. Seagulls Fly On Highways
02. Derlish
03. Dolls Their Maps
04. Gilles Memory
05. Dogstroke
06. My Dear Hidden Krauty
07. Burglar Blames Shadows

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