It's the unflinching honesty of Cold Fact's songs that speaks to his new, young audience. This is perhaps what excites Rodriguez the most as his oft-interrupted career begins again. "It is remarkable that this has occurred," he says, before returning to the road to Montauk. "I'm trying to stay in good shape here, because I'd like to get out and meet the people, and play them my songs. I'm not old - I'm ancient. But there's only one age: either you're alive or you're not." [Guardian]

Detroit's Rodriguez (born Sixto Diaz Rodriguez) released his debut LP, the folk-rock tinged Cold Fact, in 1970 to very little success and then followed it with 1971's Coming from Reality, which saw even less success, before he decided to give up on his music career. Over the years, Cold Fact became a cult favorite (especially in South Africa and Australia) and due to the increased interest, Rodriguez eventually began playing again, doing his first headlining show in the US in 2008.

He's continued to play shows and there was also a documentary made about him called Searching for Sugar Man, which screened at the Tribeca Film Festival in April. Rodriguez will make his next NYC appearance this summer on August 31 at Highline Ballroom. Tickets for that show are on sale now. There do not appear to be other scheduled dates at the moment.

Listen to some tracks from Cold Fact below...


Rodriguez - "Inner City Blues"

Rodriguez - "Crucify Your Mind"

Rodriguez - "Sugar Man"

Rodriguez - "Forget It"

Rodriguez - "Like Janis"

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