Rohan Marley, one of Bob Marley's many children, is running a contest via his father's official music app to find the world's biggest Bob Marley fan, part of a week-long celebration of Bob Marley's birthday who would've been 72 years old on February 6th.

Watch Rohan explain the contest in this video he made for the Bob Marley app (which you need to download to enter):

Even more details here:

Fans (United States residents only) are encouraged to enter by downloading the Official Bob Marley App powered by EscapeX via the iTunes or Google Play stores and writing in the comments section about why they are the world's biggest Bob Marley fan. Rohan will read the comments and identify the most passionate fan. The winner plus a guest will be flown to New York City to have lunch with Rohan Marley to share memories about his legendary father whose music and life created an enduring legacy which is being celebrated to this day in every corner of the world. The contest winner will be announced on February 8th.

"This is a chance for me to meet one of the best Bob Marley fans in the world and share the many blessings that my father has given to the world," said Rohan Marley.

Launched in 2015 by technology company EscapeX, the official Bob Marley App is a powerful portal into the music and life of one of the world's most important cultural icons. The free app enables Bob Marley fans to listen to his music, enjoy an enormous catalog of photographs of the artist and his talented extended family and other unique content offerings. It's the ultimate portal into the world of Bob Marley which can be accessed from the music fan's smartphone. More than 4,000,000 Bob Marley fans have downloaded the app to date.

Marley fans, throw on some Bob through your Marley speakers (or Marley headphones), smoke some of that Marley natural in your Marley bubbler, or brew up a cup of Marley Coffee if that's what it takes, and get writing!

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