After taking some time off in the late '00s and early part of this decade, Róisín Murphy has been on a prolific streak, and just announced new album Take Her Up To Monto, her third release in as many years. Like last year's Hairless Toys, the new LP was made with collaborator Eddie Stevens and continues that record's stylish, off-kilter take on dance and pop music. First single "Mastermind," which opens the album, is a gorgeous number with swirling, arpeggiated synths that sits in the lounge suite somewhere between Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder. Listen:

Take Her Up to Monto is out July 8 on PIAS. Check out artwork and tracklist below.



Róisín Murphy - Take Her Up To Monto Tracklist:

1. Mastermind
2. Pretty Gardens
3. Thoughts Wasted
4.Lip Service
5. Ten Miles High
6. Whatever
7. Romantic Comedy
8. Nervous Sleep
9. Sitting and Counting

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