UK-born (but now half-UK, half-US based) progressive/art rock/mathcore/etc maniacs Rolo Tomassi have put out their first new song since 2018's very good Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It. That album came out on the now-defunct Holy Roar Records (which Rolo Tomassi severed their ties with immediately after the founder was accused of sexual assault), and now the band is signed to eOne, who just released new single "Cloaked." Like Time Will Die, it's all over the place, owing just as much to ethereal dream pop as it does to caustic post-hardcore. It's great stuff, as you can hear for yourself below.

"David and James who worked on the video really helped us to bring to life the themes of the song," co-lead vocalist James Spence said. "The narrative visualises the process of change within us with every new experience we have. The themes of dualism and identity are explored through the contrasting colours and the movements of the characters."


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