It has been a while since we've heard from Lawrence, KS' Rooftop Vigilantes but we are happy to report that they're still at it and will release new album Let It Be on July 22 via High Dive Records. (Pre-order yours on vinyl, tape or CD.) The album title is a none-too-subtle nod to one (or two) of the band's heroes, and like the 'Mats, Rooftop Vigilantes make punky, poppy, rough-around-the-edges guitar pop with no shortage of hooks and catchy choruses. That's all evident in first single "Oracle" which premieres in this post. Listen, and check out the album tracklist, below.

Rooftop Vigilantes, glad to have you back. Now let's have some East Coast shows.

Rooftop Vigilantes - Let It Be tracklist
1 - Psychopathic Communication
2 - Last Call on Neptune
3 - My Invisible Head
4 - Don't Tell Hannah
5 - The Last Train to Nashville
6 - Trains Get Critical
7 - After the Kingdom
8 - Astronomers in Daylight
9 - Oracle Cop
10 - Scared Shiftless
11 - Playing Ghost
12 - Hope Sucks
13 - The Other Other Man
14 - Suddenly Pink Everything