Back in 2018, Rosalía shared a picture of herself in the studio with Oneohtrix Point Never's Daniel Lopatin. Three years later, that tease has finally been made good with this rework of 0PN's "Nothing's Special," the closing track on last year's Magic Oneohtrix Point Never.

"Danieeeeel!!! Omg I remember we met in Xmas 2018 and it was then when we became friends and started making music together," Rosalía wrote on Instagram. "Today I celebrate your music by singing one of your songs cause I always admired you, the energy in your songs, la bravura and your point of view in music. + u're one of the funniest most brillian people ive met in my life fr hahhjaj Can't wait to make more music together:)."

Watch the video for "Nothing's Special" below.

Rosalía teamed up with Billie Eilish earlier this year for "Lo Vas A Olvidar."

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