Rose Melberg played her first NYC show in YEARS last night at Cake Shop (April 25, 2006). As if that wasn't good enough, she brought in ex-My Favorite vocalist Andrea Vaughn to sing backup on a lot of songs. You couldn't even tell the two never practiced together, but Andrea learned all her parts from an advance copy of Rose's new CD.

Rose Melberg @ Cake Shop

I never saw Rose perform with Gaze, Go Sailor, The Softies, The Three Peeps, or Tiger Trap, but I'm sure she sounds as good as ever. The decent-sized crowd was full of hardcore fans who she thanked for waiting so long to get a new album. At least one person got her autograph after the show, and I'm sure they'll all be back for part two (of "the 48 hour party" as she called it) tonight at Magnetic Field in Brooklyn. I'm a newbie, and I may try to make it over there too.

Rose Melberg @ Cake Shop

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