The Thermals are no more, but bassist/backing vocalist Kathy Foster is staying busy with her solo project Roseblood. She is the "sole songwriter, arranger and studio instrumentalist" for this project, and she recently released her debut single "Black Veil," which was recorded with assistance from Thermals frontman Hutch Harris and Elly Swope. It's much calmer and more atmospheric than what The Thermals were known for -- kinda part '50s rock ballad, part Mazzy Star, part lo-fi fuzz rock. It's cool stuff, as you can hear for yourself below.

Roseblood also has quite the impressive live lineup, which, as of this week, includes Sleater-Kinney drummer Janet Weiss behind the kit! Before Janet joined, Elly Swope was drumming, and Elly now moved to guitar. Kathy's Hurry Up bandmate (and Bangs member) Maggie Vail is on bass/vocals. Their first two shows with Janet were on Tuesday (6/12) at Portland's Doug Fir Lounge and Wednesday (6/13) at Seattle's Vera Project, opening for Speedy Ortiz. You can watch a few videos from Tuesday's show in Portland (Roseblood's hometown) below.

Meanwhile, Kathy Foster and Maggie Vail's band Hurry Up are opening Jawbreaker's two Portland shows in August, which also have Swearin' on the bill.

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