New Miserable Experience is not a Gin Blossoms cover band, but a new supergroup featuring some familiar faces from the metal world: vocalist David Grossman (Rosetta), drums/production/synth from BJ McMurtrie (also of Rosetta), guitars/synths from Joshua Mahesh Kost (Model Prisoner, Lotus Thrones), and bassist Brett Bamberger (Revocation). Their debut album Philosophy On Pessimism comes out January 27 via Translation Loss (pre-order), and we're premiering the title track. It's a dark, electronic art rock song, of which David says, "Josh presented the piano loop to us and we built the song from there. The lyrics have some loose connections to the first season of True Detective, Berserk by Kentaro Miura and The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran." He continues:

In my humble opinion, all art is just collage, some of us are just better at hiding it. We take the sum of our influences and attempt to create something new from it.

One of the few shows I've ever watched was the first season of True Detective, which I think is brilliant. There's a few obvious connections people who watch that season of the show will be able to connect to this record. COVID allowed me time to catch up on some reading, one of those books was The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, anyone who reads the book is going to see some of the obvious references to that work. Lastly, Berserk by Kentaro Miura is probably my favorite piece of art of all time. I've been invested in the story for roughly 20 years. I've read the story more times than I can remember. Kentaro passed away in May of 2021 which left the story on an emotional cliffhanger. Since then the story has resumed with a different writer but at the time it appeared the story would never be completed. The relationship between the two main characters is very complicated (Guts and Griffith) and something that most people with complicated relationships can draw some parallels from.

The song comes with a video made by Kevin Haus, of which Josh says:

In regards to what Dave said; file trading & collaboration is our collage. You hear an idea for the first time, have a genuine reaction, then work with it. I feel that.. when performances are genuine, you either like them immediately… or eventually. Ultimately it will find its place in your collage.

I wanted to continue some of that idea with the video, that I would not know what it would be until I saw it in almost finished form. I’ve been a fan of Kevin’s music videos for awhile, in particular Nothing’s “Eaten By Worms” so I was confident in this decision. I was actually somewhat taken aback on my first view of our video, due to the somewhat minimalist performative take. It's a first for myself and probably everyone involved, at least within the band.

The video stars actor, dancer, and choreographer Chaundy Titus, and Josh adds this about Chaundy's character:

"The pain you inflict on someone else is what they will remember forever about you” is how I take Dave’s lyric. So the video, to me, represents someone who feels guilt in trying to pursue their dream. To some extent like Griffith from Berserk, though I’m not sure he felt guilt? (laughs) Their internal conflict is excised by the performance, but only momentarily as no one is around to see it. The person looks somewhat unsatisfied because the performance was possibly the most genuine of their life yet they feel empty. It’s possible they took steps to achieve their goal that they regret.

Watch the video here:

1. The Prophet
2. Form and Void
3. Philosophy on Pessimism
4. Rust
5. As Deep as a Puddle

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