Sound of My Voice

As the Film Stage wrote over a year ago:

Vampire Weekend bandmember and producer Rostam Batmanglij will debut his first film score at The Sundance Film Festival in the drama Sound of My Voice, which was written and directed by his brother Zal Batmanglij.

The film, which according to Pitchfork (via Playlist) centers on a couple of cult-infiltrators in California, is Zal's first feature-length production. While little else is known about this indie, Rostam's involvement could mean a soundtrack release.

Though I don't know about the soundtrack release, much more is known this film now - since that was written in January 2011, and the film has not only screened at Sundance, but at SXSW too (and probably other places).

Now, Sound of My Voice finally opens in theaters tonight (4/27) via Fox Searchlight who is giving it a wider release. Check out the first 12 minutes of the movie at its website, or just view the creepy trailer, below...

SOUND OF MY VOICE - Official Trailer


update/note: there was a much-appreciated advertisement for this movie on BrooklynVegan recently, and so a few cynical people, understandably (I'm the same way), jumped to conclusions that this must be some sort of paid post. It is not (and if it was, it would be labeled as such).

I genuinely find it interesting that Rostam, a NYC musician who is covered regularly on this site, scored this movie, and though I will admit that it was the ad that brought the movie back on my radar, it was only after I was reminded about the Rostam thing on Friday afternoon that I thought this would make a good quick post just in time for the movie opening. Pitchfork, NME, and Exclaim have all covered this movie for the same reason, I don't think it was random at all, and I wish we did more posts like this (there's just not enough time, so movie stuff often gets missed/ignored - though sometimes we do ones like this - like here, here and here). I'm sorry if this offended anyone.

On a related note, did anyone see the movie? How was it?

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