The Blow @ MHOW, November 2013 (more by Amanda Hatfield)
The Blow

While not as unexpected as My Bloody Valentine or Mazzy Star, The Blow released their first new full-length in seven years, which NPR's Bob Boilen just named his #1 album of 2013. One of the songs off The Blow, ""You're My Light," just got a remix by Vampire Weekend's Rostam Batmanglij and you can stream that below.

Meanwhile, singer Khaela Maricich just gave us her Top 10 of 2013. Most of it is music related, but there are art and TV choices in there too, and she provides commentary as well. You can check out that list below.

In other news, The Blow wrapped up their tour not too long ago and are already looking towards the next record:

We are in the west, taking a bit of a break. Soon, we will be even farther west, as far as one can go, and recording a new album. We won't stay west forever, the east will pull us back, we will just be here long enough to pretend that we are living in the seventies with a sailboat and a hammock and a lot of good parties in the hills.

Let's hope we don't have to wait seven years for the next one.

Check out Khaela's Top 10 list and that remix below...


The Blow - Top Ten of 2013

-Orange Is The New Black. (Finally some excellent television that happens to be gay. Also they had the balls to cast a trans actor in a trans role).

-The Stevie Nicks interview in New York mag.

-Daft Punk's new album. (How it spans from top 40 to totally weird and almost uncool, and how they have refused to perform live).

-Rihanna in the audience at the VMA's. (Expressionless, wearing jeans, throwing side eye at the audience cam, performing the definition of not giving a crap).


-Rihanna's song 'Stay.'


-The new book about fashion illustrator and photographer Antonio Lopez and the lecture about it at Fashion Institute of Technology. (Antonio took the earliest photos of Grace Jones and Jerry Hall and romped around being fabulous with Karl Lagerfeld and basically invented the aesthetic of the 80's. During the lecture Melissa decided to get her perm).

-Kanye West's performance of Black Skinhead on Saturday Night Live.


-Artist Robert Irwin's lecture at Whitney Museum. (He is the godfather of the Light and Space Movement. He asked the audience point blank what is the point of making art).

-MGMT's 'Your Life Is a Lie' song and video. (A moment of lucidity).


-This year we started working with modular synthesizers and building our own instruments. We designed shirts to commemorate this development, they read: (F)emales (O)f (M)odular (S)ynthesis:

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