UK anarcho-punk/deathrock vets Rudimentary Peni have announced Great War, their first release in 13 years and first full-length album, in 26 years. It's due April 23 via Sealed Records. Here's the album description, written by Jensen Ward:

Recorded several years ago before Rudimentary Peni engaged in another mysterious hiatus, Great War has finally emerged to kiss the gas-tinged light of a mustered morn. Expanding on the skeletal sounds and subject of 2009's “Wilfred Owen” single the band has seen fit to concentrate on a more mechanized approach doing away with even more of the humanizing aspects in their music this time delivering ten painful familiar shards fraught with brittle anxiety and anguished simplicity. Great War cements new phase in the ever-crawling metamorphic madness that is Rudimentary Peni. The record comes with brand new Nick Blinko Artwork on the sleeve and Inner Sleeve.

The album was mastered by Power Trip collaborator Arthur Rizk, and two songs are streaming now: "Anthem For Doomed Youth" and "Path of Glory." They sound just about as raw and grimy as the band's '80s classics, as you can hear for yourself below.

Sealed Records will also be reissuing the band's back catalog throughout 2021 and 2022, including these titles on these formats:

Death Church LP and CD
EP's of RP LP and CD
Cacophony LP and CD
Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric LP and CD
Echoes of Anguish 12"
The Underclass 12"
Archaic EP 12"
No More Pain EP 12"
More EP's of RP CD (Compilation of Echoes of Anguish 12". The Underclass 12", Archaic EP 12" and No More Pain EP 12")

1. Anthem For Doomed Youth 01:57
2. Path Of Glory 01:36
3. Crimson Sun
4. Mental Cases
5. Asleep
6. Blood For Seed
7. Soldier's Dream
8. Strange Meeting
9. Witness
10. The Old Lie

(h/t Punk News)

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