Rufus Wainwright is celebrating the 400th anniversary of Williams Shakespeare's death with a new album, Take All My Loves: 9 Shakespeare Sonnets. The album features songs inspired by Shakespeare, featuring guests Florence Welch, Anna Prohaska and others, as well as recitations of sonnets by Helena Bonham Carter, Carrie Fischer, William Shatner, and more. The album is out April 22 on Deutsche Grammophon/Universal Music Classics. That's the cover art above and you can check out the full tracklist with contributors, below.

In other news, you may remember that Rufus restaged Judy Garland's 1961 show at Carnegie Hall (which became the live album Judy at Carnegie Hall) in 2006 at the same venue. Ten years later, he's going to do it again at Carnegie Hall on June 16 & 17. Tickets for the 6/16 show and the 6/17 show go on sale Monday, March 14 at 11 AM with an AmEx presale beginning Wednesday (3/9) at 11 AM and a LiveNation presale beginning Friday (3/11) at 11 AM.

Rufus will also be performing Judy at Carnegie Hall at Toronto's Luminito Festival on June 23 and 24.

Listen to the Rufus Does Judy At Carnegie Hall live LP and Judy's original:





Rufus Wainwright - Take All My Loves: 9 Shakespeare Sonnets tracklist

1 Sonnet 43 1:14
Recitation: Siân Phillips

2 When Most I Wink (Sonnet 43) 4:56
Vocals: Anna Prohaska

3 Take All My Loves (Sonnet 40) 6:26
Vocals: Rufus Wainwright
Recitation: Marius de Vries

4 Sonnet 20 0:52
Recitation: Frally Hynes

5 A Woman’s Face (Sonnet 20) 3:49
Vocals: Anna Prohaska

6 For Shame (Sonnet 10) 3:12
Vocals: Anna Prohaska

7 Sonnet 10 0:58
Recitation: Peter Eyre

8 Unperfect Actor (Sonnet 23) 5:43
Recitation: Helena Bonham Carter
Vocals:  Rufus Wainwright · Martha Wainwright · Fiora Cutler

9 Sonnet 29 1:02
Recitation: Carrie Fisher

10 When in Disgrace with Fortune and Men’s Eyes (Sonnet 29) 3:07
Vocals: Florence Welch
Backing Vocals: Rufus Wainwright · Ben de Vries

11 Sonnet 129 1:04
Recitation: William Shatner

12 Th’Expense of Spirit in a Waste of Shame (Sonnet 129) 2:48
Vocals: Anna Prohaska

13 All Dessen Müd (Sonnet 66) 8:23
Vocals: Christopher Nell · Jürgen Holtz · Rufus Wainwright

14 A Woman’s Face – Reprise (Sonnet 20) 3:10
Vocals: Rufus Wainwright

15 Sonnet 87 1:17
Recitation: Inge Keller

16 Farewell (Sonnet 87) 6:30
Vocals: Anna Prohaska

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