The Decemberists

EARLASH: Cool. So my last question: you talked about how the Decemberists are on an upswing right now and you're getting a lot of attention all of a sudden. Where do you think this is going and where do you want it to go? What's the five-year plan?

COLIN MELOY: I think we want to keep it realistic in keeping it in the indie community. Not to say that the major label industry has ever been that healthy, but it seems to be particularly unhealthy right now and really messed up and not a lot of positive, productive, creative stuff is coming out. And I think the indie community right now is as strong as it's ever been and there's some really, really great stuff coming out. So I'd like to keep moving in that circle. And to continue maintaining our creative freedom. We have an ideal situation at Kill Rocks Stars. They let us do whatever we want. And yeah, just to be able to quit my day job at some point and be able to do music full time. [from an earlash interview - July 2003]

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