Last year, San Fernando Valley indie rockers Run River North released a two-volume EP series called Monsters Calling Home (which used to be their band name) that they made with help from Dave Sitek and members of Grouplove, Pop Etc, and more, and earlier this year they put out the acoustic MCH Vol. 1 + 2 = 3 (SAD Takes), which was their final release for Nettwerk. They're now independent again and planning to release a new album this fall, and that album will include new single "Pretty Lies," which was made with members of Sir Sly.

"’Pretty Lies’ came out of the first time we met with Sir Sly's Landon, Jason and Hayden," the band says. "Songwriting sessions between bands can become complicated tinder dates with simultaneous multiple partners, but we're happy that everyone swiped right and turned a pretty lie into one of our most creative and fun songs in the RRN catalogue."

It's a genre-hopping song that manages to incorporate breezy indie rock, jangly acoustic guitars, grungy alt-rock, and auto-tuned Atlanta trap without losing focus. Watch the video below.

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