Over the weekend, El-P and Killer Mike released the first single off Run The Jewels 4, "Yankee and the Brave," and today they've shared another new song, "Ooh LA LA." Compared to the adrenaline-fueled "Yankee and the Brave," this is a slower, head-nod-inducing song, and if it sounds like classic boom bap, that's probably because it samples Gang Starr and Nice & Smooth's "DWYCK." It also features new contributions frorm both DJ Premier of Gang Starr and Greg Nice of Nice & Smooth too. El-P told Zane Lowe:

Listen, there's not a lot of classic, un-mined golden age material that hasn't been turned into a jam and I have been listening to this damn sample for like 15 years. And one day, ask Mike. I was like, "I've been plotting on this probably for the last three albums." I'm going to be very honest with you Zane, this is the first one we could afford it. This is the first time that Run The Jewels had a real budget to clear samples, so-Look, all I'm saying is that we were able to do that this time. When we went into this record I was like, "Yo, we're sampling some... " I have about three things that are in line and that one right there, you know the pains I went to get that f*cking acapella man? That sh*t is not out there like that. And that's like one of the beautiful things about being in rap. Either you're a lyricist who caught some sh*t that someone should have said a long time ago and you're just praying that your record comes out, because how many times does it happen that you think of some sh*t, and then one day later someone finally comes out with it.

[...] Big shout out to Premo because he made those whole... happen. I mean, we hit him up and so we just want to thank him because he was super generous with it. We hit him up. We were like, "We want you to be a part of this. We want you to do the cuts." For people who don't know, that's DJ Premier cutting at the end of it. We were so honored then we had Greg through him we had Greg Nice and Greg Nice loved the record. Listen, Run The Jewels, we don't intentionally do old school music. To us, we're just making dope ass new rap music. But our influences and who we are come from an era that is very real and that we really agree on and there's a feeling that comes from that era that we know exists, that if you can grab it and put it out there, then it's undeniable.

El and Mike also spoke about the Rage Against the Machine tour, which they were/are set to open but which is currently postponed through May 20:

Killer Mike: I was already sick. I got allergies. I was disappointed we weren't going to get on the road, but in terms of how I felt, I was already laid out anyway. So nothing much changed in terms of it.

El-P: For sure. And it's really hard. Listen man, we're really grateful to be able to get to do what we do. Run the Jewels has always been a little unpredictable. The whole ride has been crazy and we never really planned it that much. And it's just, for me, I think the toughest thing is that we really want to share it with the people that have supported us. We love the music, we think that this is our best record. It was really exciting to us to be on the verge of being on a huge global tour with Rage Against the Machine. So, there are disappointments, obviously. That's obvious, but at the end of the day, man, what the f*ck can you do? We're just adapting and trying to be cool about it- and it's ridiculous for people like us to really complain about the situation. We're all right. That being said, me and Mike talk all the time and we were like, "Yo, no matter what happens, we just felt like people needed a little bit of dope ass f*cking hip hop right now?"

Listen to both new RTJ singles and the Zane Lowe interview below. According to a press release, RTJ4 is "set to arrive soon (more details in the near future)."

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