Post-rock greats Russian Circles have revealed some unfortunate news: they got robbed on Saturday night (10/16) at a hotel in Chowchilla, CA while on tour with System Of A Down, and had tons of gear stolen. They write, "On the night / early morning of Oct 17th Russian Circles Uhaul truck was broken into and robbed at a Holiday Inn parking lot in Chowchilla, CA which is between Fresno and Modesto. Please be on the look out and help us spread the word. Any serious information or leads please email:"

They posted pictures of much of the stolen gear on their website, and here's a full list:

Stolen Gear / Guitars, Bass, Amps, Cabinets, Misc
Electrical Guitar Company Series 2 bass
First Act custom baritone guitar (with custom bear inlays)
Gibson Les Paul Custom ‘85 Metallic Green
Gibson Les Paul Custom ‘87 Tobacco Burst
Two Quilter Overdrive 202 amps
Two Darkglass 2x12 bass cabinets
Emperor 4x12 guitar cabinet
Peavey 4x12 guitar cabinet
Moog Minitaur
Keith McMillan 12 Step midi controller
Pedaltrain Pro 3 pedalboard and case
Radial JDX DI

Cry Baby bass wah
AKAI Headrush E2
Digitech Bass Whammy
Electroharmonix POG2
Darkglass Alpha Omega Ultra
TSVG Hard Stuff
Fuzzrocious 420 Fuzz
Fuzzrocious Rat Tail
Earthquakes Devices Afterneath
Boss TU-2
Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2
Volume pedal

Stolen Microphones (all in a black case)
sE 4400a X2 |
Sennheiser md421 X2
Sennheiser e609
Sennheiser e904 X2
Sennheiser e604
Heil PR40
Telefunken M-82
Audio Technica AE3000
AKG c451 E
Beyer TGD71
Shure Beta57a

Drums Hardware, Cymbals
4-24” Istanbul xist ride cymbal
2-22” Istanbul Mel Lewis ride
1-15” Istanbul mixed hi hats
3-Ludwig atlas boom stands
1-9000 dw hi hat stand
2-9000 dw snare stands
1- Ludwig throne
1-trick kick pedal
1-tune bot

Green Mens Ten Speed All City Bicycle.

A few gear photos below...

Russian Circles
Russian Circles
Russian Circles

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