Chicago post-metal greats Russian Circles are streaming their crushing new album Guidance ahead of its imminent release. We'd already heard a good chunk of this 7-song LP via singles "Mota" and "Vorel," but now you get the whole experience.

For a lot of post-metal bands (the Pelicans of the world), the post-ness of the music can take over, pushing the metal-ness of the music to the back seat (not that I don't like Pelican, just sayin'). But Russian Circles continue to sound like a metal fan's metal band even as they push their music further into overtly beautiful territory. That territory is now a good look for them precisely because they've maintained the furious musicianship of their earlier, slightly less accessible work. Guidance is pretty but full of fury, and it moves between doom, black metal, and even some deathier passages with skill and gracefulness. They also sound huge. This album is great: it's fun to listen to while also seeming musically imposing, accessible without losing an edge of seriousness. One of the best in a seriously consistent discography.

Russian Circles hit NYC with Helms Alee for that show at Warsaw on September 30. Tickets for that are still on sale.

Listen to Guidance below (via Noisey)

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