Chicago instru-metallers Russian Circles are on tour now supporting their new album Blood Year, and their run with Richmond doom greats Windhand hit Brooklyn’s Warsaw on Saturday (10/26). Devoted fans were lined up around the block early and didn’t even seem to mind when it started to lightly rain, and the room was already packed by the time Windhand started, with many fans obviously there for both bands. And Windhand delivered, with both their huge riffage and Dorthia Cottrell’s massive voice sounding as great as ever.

Russian Circles began their set coming out to “Hunter Moon,” the quieter track of mellow guitar work the opens Blood Year, before the thunderous drive of Brian Cook’s bass launched the trio into “Arluck,” the lead single from the album. This set the tone for the rest of the night as their performances played out less as a group of individual songs and more as a carefully crafted dark soundscape. Quiet interludes were nestled between the giant heavy parts, the songs were continuously weaved together with striking and ever varied lighting, and it was all held down by the intricate interplay of Cook, guitarist Mike Sullivan, and drummer Dave Turncrantz. They hit tracks from several of their albums and closed out with fan favorite “Youngblood” from 2008’s Station. It was a great night all around and pictures are in the gallery above.

photos by Kate Hoos