Hailing from Perm, Russia, the trio known as Gnoomes have an alluring, mysterious sound owing much to '70s krautrock, heavy psych, and prog. The band's new album, Tschak!, will be out March 10 via Rocket Recordings (home of Goat, GNOD and others). Though the band's music is definitely trippy, on this album they played it straight. Literally. Say Gnoomes:

“Our vocalist has been almost taken into the Russian Army, while some of us were caught by the police for being high, and the court sentenced [the members] to five days in prison and one year of visiting a narcologist every month. So we haven’t had an opportunity to use psychedelics during the recording process. It was a challenge for us to find the legal ways to make psych music without it, but we thought that it’s not so bad, we could find the best way in daily life and simple things that surrounded us.

We've got the premiere of "Severokamsk" which is a little indebted to electronic pioneers Tangerine Dream and the band say is about "total isolation." "It's the name of a village that's is close to our city but where you can feel yourself as you were born in XIX century," the band tells us. "It's a story about a boy who is dreaming about better world living in this very place. He finds the solution to escape from reality watching VHS-tapes with ancient American blockbusters but finally it's driving him mad as the virtual reality collapses against the ontology." All that and not a single lyric (Russian, English or otherwise.) Take a listen to "Severokamsk" and another track of the LP below.



Gnoomes - Tschak! tracklist:
1. Super Libido Awake
2. Maria
3. Cascais
4. Severokamsk
5. Tschak!
6. City Monk
7. In The Park
8. One Step
9. ADSR Eugraph
10. B-Day

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