Ryuichi Sakamoto, Visible Cloaks, Air's Nicolas Godin, Chassol, Lafawnduh, Lucrecia Dalt, Laurie Spiegel and more have contributed tracks to a very short album titled PRSNT. How short? All 12 tracks are all approximately 32 seconds long.

Conceptualized by Created By Us and Barcelona label Modern Obscure Music, the idea came from a study on shortening attention spans due to our increased time spent online. The study reported that a third of streaming listeners skip to the next song within the first 30 seconds. Here's more:

Each musician was given a fascinating challenge to create engaging compositions with real artistic merit, inside the confines of this shortened span. Akin to Brian Eno’s famous Windows 95 start-up music, the time constraints are crucial, and the compositions are deceptively complex and more substantial than expectations of their nano nature would suggest.

You can listen to Visible Cloaks' "Lifeworld," watch a 36-second trailer for the project and check out the full PRSNT tracklist below. The album's out April 16.

prsnt-cover art

1. Laurie Spiegel - Fly By video
2. Pedro Vian & Pierre Bastien - Memory
3. Lyra Pramuk - Cage
4. Chassol - ya!
5. Nicolas Godin & Pierre Rousseau - Page Turner
6. Pascal Comelade - Segons com
7. Visible Cloaks - Lifeworld 00:32 video
8. Raul Refree - Vid2020
9. Lucrecia Dalt - cosa
10. Kelman Duran - Dead cat
11. Lafawnduh - From name-less city
12. Ryuichi Sakamoto - silence

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