Some parents play music for their unborn child while it’s still in the womb. Elizabeth Hart of Psychic Ills and Iván Diaz Mathé, who has worked with Lee “Scratch” Perry and Las Kellies, recorded the sounds of their child, Luca Yupanqui, while still in the womb and turned it into music. The subsequent album, credited to Luca, is titled Sounds of the Unborn and will be released by Sacred Bones on April 2. The recordings were made using “biosonic MIDI technology” that translated in utero movements into sound, and here’s more from the press release:

During the sessions, Luca’s prenatal essence was captured in audio. Her parents designed a ritual, a kind of joint meditation for the three of them, with the MIDI devices hooked to Elizabeth’s stomach, transcribing its vibrations into Iván’s synthesizers. They let the free-form meditations flow without much interference, just falling deeper into trance and feeling the unity. After five hour-long sessions, the shape of an album began to emerge. Elizabeth and Iván then edited and mixed the results of the sessions, respecting the sounds as they were produced, trying to intervene as little as possible, allowing Luca’s message to exist in its raw form.

This cosmic soul summoning created new sounds, striking into uncharted territory for Elizabeth and Iván as musicians. A new language was being created, a new form of communication. It was a music without intellect or intentionality behind it, with no preconception or attempt to create any specific sound or melody. Every note on Sounds of the Unborn occurred naturally.

You can check out “V4.3 pt. 2” from Sounds of the Unborn, and they’ve made a video for it too. “We did some Super 8 footage during the recording sessions and later we teamed up with artist Victoria Keddie because we love her approach an aesthetic,” says Iván. “She processed the film with analog gear and created a visual trip that summarizes what we felt while creating this album.” You can watch that below.

For those curious about the process, Sacred Bones is, in addition to the album, also releasing a limited run of the MIDI Biodata Sonication devices used to make it and can be used to “capture the essence of any living thing in audio – be it plant, animal, or human.”

Check out artwork and tracklist for Sounds of the Unborn below.

sounds of the unborn Iván, Luca, and Elizabeth
Iván, Luca, and Elizabeth

sounds of the unborn

1. V5
2. V4.3 pt. 2
3. V2.1
4. V2.2
5. V3.2
6. V4.2
7. V4.1
8. V1
9. V3.1
10. V4.3 pt. 1