O Death

i just want to give an explanation to our canceled dates in europe.
this week, my beautiful fiancé, Eliza Sudol, passed away.
there was no warning, and as far as anyone knew she was in perfect health. none the less, she died of an aneurysm in her sleep.
she's the cutie in the blue shirt dancing by me, the drummer, in our current profile picture.
we are all devastasted, but i appreciate the outpouring of support from our friends everywhere.
that's all i can say for now.
thanks to everyone for their love and understanding in this, my darkest hour.

Very sad. Cancelled dates below....

O'Death - 2007 Tour Dates
Nov 19 - canceled**********Clandestino************canceled Faenza
Nov 20 - canceled*********Nero Su Bianco**********canceled Cesena
Nov 22 - canceled**********Velvet Underground*********canceled Castiglion Fiorentina
Nov 23 - canceled********Circolo Arci Dude********canceled Soliera
Nov 24 - canceled*********Bloom********canceled Mezzago (Milano)
Nov 26 - canceled********La Fleche D’or********canceled

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