Last Christmas, Speedy Ortiz singer Sadie Dupuis released a demo of a new Christmas song called "Krampus (In Love)," which appeared in finished form on her new Sad13 album Slugger this past November. Now for 2016, she's put out a new Christmas song, "MCGA." Yesterday Sadie tweeted, "spent solstice making a xmas song & i'll put it out tmrw but just wanted 2 cum here & say i make sick xmas songs &they get sicker every year," and today she tweeted, "ok here's my xmas song 2016!! if yr heading home & about to have tough political convos w/ relatives this 1's for u."

Stream it, see the awesome cover art, and read the lyrics below:

Sad13 Xmas

back in summer '16 you follied with the mainstream. november was a brainfreeze. the world could end next year. you managed to avoid thanksgiving in post-election deep depression. ...ask em how they voted when you're going home this year.

brother don't you know your fallacies and folderol of making christmas great again? hark, i need herald alcohol. it's so textbook unchristian espousing men's rights activism. don't you have a schism. you're going home this year.

ooooh they want the world to be white white white. i guess that's just how it goes with the alt-right. it's passé to say "PC" when you mean tolerance and decency. barring an injunction to figure skate spaghetti junction, save it for the muchkins. hey shawn could you just eat the muffin?

will this feel different? will we ever a conversation where you disavow conversion therapy, stand for prison abolition, or free and unrestricted abortion rights? and holding sexual predators accountable and not electing them into the most powerful office in the country? hold the police accountable for their systemic brutality........ et al.

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