Irish duo Saint Sister, the project of vocalist/songwriter Morgana MacIntyre and harpist/arranger Gemma Doherty, release their new album, Where I Should End, on Friday (6/25) via FUGA. Ahead of its release, we're premiering the video for new single "Any Dreams?," which you can watch below. It's a track that beautifully melds classical arrangements and electronics, with a driving beat and MacIntyre's impassioned vocals lighting the way. The video, directed by Kev Freeney and Janna Kempermann, lingers on all the small but meaningful details in a home, all lit in moody colors.

Morgana and Gemma also told us about the influences behind Where I Should End, including albums by Sharon Van Etten, Weyes Blood, Joan Armatrading, and more. Hear their choices, and read their commentary, below.


Joan Armatrading - Joan Armatrading (Morgana)

I love how direct Joan’s lyrics are. They’re so simple and so full of feeling. It’s impossible not to sing along, impossible not to feel the full weight of them even when she delivers them lightly, as she’s wont to do. Joan’s music has imprinted on me a desire to be understood and to sing about the awkward and undefined things that happen between people.

Sharon Van Etten - Remind Me Tomorrow (Morgana)

Remind Me Tomorrow came out when I was about half way through the writing of our new record. I wasn’t expecting it to take hold the way it did - I just kept playing it over and over. It’s a real statement album and I thought about it loads when we were chatting about what we wanted to say with our record.

Julia Jacklin - Crushing (Morgana)

This album is perfection. You can’t go past it. If you’re reading this and you haven’t heard it already, stop right now and put it on. I’m always trying to write like Julia. She’s such a master songwriter. I love the way she sets up a scene and then slowly and expertly tears it apart.

Weyes Blood - Titanic Rising (Gemma)

I was amazed by this record when it came out. I love the depth of Natalie's arrangements, her instrumentation and the way she weaves the electronic with the organic is really special. It feels like a timeless record.

Haley Heynderickx - I Need To Start A Garden (Gemma)

I fell in love with Haley's music after seeing her play at Folk Alliance Montreal a few years ago. Having discovered her live first and then going to find her album I was struck by how well she captured the essence of her live performance on record. There's a beautifully raw fragility to her voice, and her guitar playing is so dynamic.

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